The only formula you need for digital marketing success

Why are so many businesses spending so much time and resources on expensive digital marketing programs, SEO strategy, and social media campaigns all in the hopes they would increase traffic to their site when they aren’t even sure who their customer is and where they’re hanging out? When I work with business leaders the first thing I tell them is this: Nobody is an expert in the digital space. I think we’re all so intimidated by the digital media landscape that we’re willing to listen to people who sound like they know what they’re doing.

Instead of pitching myself as a digital expert, I focus on helping brand leaders identify who they should be trying to reach through an integrated marketing approach. I develop a specific message for that market, and then I help them deliver that message exactly where their audience is.

This is the only formula you need for digital marketing success.

1. Know your customer

2. Perfect your message

3. Deliver that message through the most relevant channels which may or may not be digital