Content is a commodity

Content is a commodity. Content is a product. Before you get a product into the stores, you have a production process that begins with your marketing team. Below is a list of the primary elements to a B2C content program.  I’ve placed them into four different categories, but there is a large degree of cross-over as well. You have content creation, social media, products launching, advertising. I understand that you have a lot of content needs and this is just an overview of what a successful program might look like.

Evergreen Content

Biographical Content

Cornerstone Content

How-To Content

Call-To-Action Content

SEO Content

Moment in Time Content

Mea Culpa Content

New Product Launch


News and Events

Visual Content



In-store Signage




Interactive Content





Photo Contests



Before you even think about hiring someone, you first need to figure out what content you think you should be focussed on. I suggest putting the marketing group in charge of deciding what content, and then who should be producing the content.

You really need to hire someone who understands marketing, knows your brand, and can communicate effectively across multimedia environment. Here’s a list of all the different functions within a typical content production team. There are a million different ways to produce a content marketing program, as you can see, so what I tell my clients is that you can’t do everything really well, so pick a lane and stay in it until you can scale up.


Writing, Video Editing, Podcasting, Editorial Planning, Editing, SEO, Design, Website/UX,


Create maintain consistency of visual branding, Website design, Visual assets (charts, images, infographics, memes),


Proofreader, Edit for logic and flow, fact checking, link adding, copy editor, freelance writer management

SEO Manager

Identify SEO opportunities, optimize content to rank better with search engines, conduct site audits, social media integration, data analysis

Social Media Manager

Social Media strategy, channel planning, social listening, content promotion, community engagement, PR/influencers, content repurposing

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing. Focused on building your audience, tracking and analytics, customer loyalty and retention, customer databases and segmentation, audience acquisition and SEO,

Content Management

Digital Library management, sets standards for digital asset management, maintains content library, understands copyright and compliance, content management, digital librarian

Community Manager

Audience Building, Setting strategy for audience growth, defining and reporting on KPI’s, CRM systems, provides audience insights, data analysis, email, social media, seo, strategy

Web Development

Website development/UX, A/B testing, wireframes, prototypes, web usability and functionality, SEO, content creation,  UI/UX


Research, Designs and deploys surveys, develops stories based on research, authors original research, strategy, content creation, social media,


Data analysis, Google Analytics, Omniture, tracks how content marketing is impacting the business, translates data into actionable insights, marketing data analyst

Systems Management

Technology management, how marketing technology can improve efficiency and performance, finds and implements technology to move strategy forward, marketing technologist

Finally, this is the list of what I think are the most important elements of a successful content marketing operation and what we specialize in. 

Creative Services:
Content Planning
Style Guides
Content Platform Management
Content Supply Chain Creation
UX/UI Design
Web Audits
Brand Identity

Marketing Services:
Brand Guidelines
Social Media
Email Marketing
Technology Expertise/Implementation

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