The business world is changing...for good

Good with Style + Co. helps our clients understand how they can use this change to move away from the culture of comparison and competition into a space of creativity and collaboration.

We specialize in helping for-profit businesses develop digital strategies that use empathy, experience, and inclusion to resonate with an ever-evolving consumer.

Good with Style + Co. relies on a signature process, Mindfulness, Intention, Action—to build unique brand stories and create empowerment marketing strategies that attract, convert, and scale.

business as a force for good

Conscious Capitalism is the belief that for-profit business can and should be a force for good in the world. The term is new, the concept is not.

Good Business has always been about serving your audience, which at its very essence is about helping people. Only in recent times has it become clouded by marketing and advertising strategies that are predatory and short-sighted. The era of profit driving business decisions alone is over. Your customer wants to support brands that align with their own core values and beliefs in the world.

More than 10 years ago as Marketing Director for Martha Stewart Living, I found myself feeling the pull of creating a business for myself that would be a vehicle for me to move toward my own purpose.

In 2007, my bestselling book was published, Eco Chic Weddings: How To Plan A Wedding That Reflects Who You Are And How You Want To Make A Positive Impact On The World.

Four books later, with international press coverage in The New York Times, Town + Country, Better Homes and Gardens, NPR, Apartment Therapy and more—I launched Good with Style + Co.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with 100’s of businesses, including Coty, ebay, P&G, Kimberly Clark, Conde Nast, Hearst, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, NBC Universal.


Martha and Donna both created brands that were a reflection of who they are as women, and therefore became brand icons with a following of people whose loyalty and devotion is legendary. Martha taught women that domesticity, crafting, cooking, organizing, cleaning, entertaining, are valuable and commendable pursuits in the world. Martha brought good style to every household, and made living well accessible to every income. Martha taught the world that you don’t need money to have a beautiful home, and good taste is not something you can buy.

Donna taught women to love their body in whatever shape or form, she created clothing that flattered the natural curves of a woman’s form, with the cold shoulder, the bodysuit, and her 7 Easy Pieces.

Donna single-handedly put women at the center of her story and build a market leading business connecting with her audience in authentic and empowering ways.


in 2018, I introduced Brilliant Brand Kit, a strategic storytelling program to teach creative entrepreneurs how to develop a powerful brand story, build an online course, and increase their income in 4-Weeks. Are you ready?


Rethink How We Engage As Consumers, Embrace Mindfulness, Live With Intention, And Take Positive Action To Create A Sustainable, Stylish Home And Lifestyle

Emily Anderson introduces her revolutionary method of reprogramming our mind as a consumer, to alter feelings and associations related to material goods, to enable everybody to have a healthy relationship with their finances, their self-worth, how they interact with brands, and as a result, have a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, and better world.


How To Plan A Wedding That Reflects Who You Are And How You Want To Make A Positive Impact On The World

With Emily Anderson’s proven approach to planning a sustainable wedding, you can permanently improve every area of your life by applying conscious consumer behavior to this important moment in your life. Emily draws a direct link to the immense global impact the wedding industry has, and explains in exact detail how couples can take back their wedding, redirect their spending, and shift the economy towards fair trade, ethical, and sustainable products.


I’ve spent my career helping creative businesses, female led brands, and industry movers tell their best stories. I’m a recognised global authority on conscious capitalism and sustainable style.

I regularly advise, consult and speak with entrepreneurs, CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, and niche startups who want to tell their brand story more effectively.


As a bestselling author and speaker, I am able to share proven strategy for Successfully establishing authority, cultivating an Audience, and leveraging influence.