Emily Anderson


I write, design, and handcraft groundbreaking content and visual stories that connect and inspire action. I help brands implement a manageable process for producing and curating content, and build a framework for live events and online experiences.


Estee Lauder

What I Did: Ideation,Copywriting, Consumer Research, Positioning

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The Story

Estee Lauder’s image within the natural beauty market was dependent on its success or failure with their signature brand, Origin’s Natural Resources. Numerous internal divisions and acquired brands created a complex company landscape.

The Strategy

I worked to organize internal cohesion within the Origins Brand to connected with the right audience and position Estee Lauder as “The Global Leader in Natural Beauty.” No single competitor can match this level of dominance, and no single Estee Lauder division can make that claim as much as the Origins Brand.

"This effort to focus on the basics of identity really has earned some traction, and Emily was a critical success factor. I’ve come to expect great successes from the branding activities we’ve partnered on." Estee Lauder Companies

Einstein Healthcare Network

What I Did: Brand Voice, Brand Narrative, Brand Stories, Modular Content, Printed Book, Conversion Optimization, Landing Pages, VR/AR

The Story

Einstein Healthcare’s mission, to heal the world, is known throughout the world of healthcare and beyond. Einstein Healthcare enjoys the rare position as one of the most trusted names in healthcare, but it’s full story of a 150 year old mission led social enterprise was not fully understood or valued. The CEO of Einstein Healthcare sought help to clearly tell the story to peers, investors, partners and patients

The Strategy

I identified key drivers for success, and a way to tell its story in unique and accessible terms. Stronger than a loyalty program, I articulated Einstein as a pillar of the Philadelphia community, and a leader in the social justice movement, turning patients and advocates into committed lifetime supporters.

Trust in the Einstein brand was amplified through presentation of specific details from the hospital’s history and visual storytelling techniques featuring archival materials, graphic images, and first person narratives woven into the overall presentation.

Demonstrated how the ethos of Einstein was embraced and reinforced by the people who were associated with the organization throughout its 150 year history. This simple articulation of a complex story showed how the value of the organization is the glue that holds the entire enterprise together for mutual benefit. Visually showing how Einstein creates a deep loyalty by essentially becoming a champion for all who come into its arms.


"Emily created a content platform that enables Einstein to share its mission of providing high-quality care with humanity, humility and honor, and also provides opportunities for growth and and expansion with a brand narrative that is aligned in our belief that we can redefine how the health of our communities can be improved." Einstein Healthcare Network


BOA Ethical Fashion

What I Did: Brand Voice, Brand Narrative, Brand Stories, Direct Response, Conversion Optimization, Landing Pages

The Story

Moroccan fair trade, organic, fashion and home brand operating a women’s collective wanted to expand into the global market. BOA is a unique combination of handcraft, style, and technology. As its product offerings and capabilities and customer list grew, it added multiple product categories and a digital retail platform to sell their products internationally.

This rapid growth created confusion around the company’s positioning – with internal teams and clients confused over whether it was a “Yoga” company or a “Fashion” brand. Additionally, BOA risked being seen as a competitor to larger fashion brands who prefer to own as much of the market as possible.

The Strategy

My recommendation was to position BOA as a unique brand in an area that had relevance to larger retailers, organizations and influencers, but did not appear to be competitive with any of them. The expertise had to be connected to BOA’s origins in their local community, but appropriate to a company with a sophisticated brand and global reach, market intelligence, and a proven way to create value for strategic partners.

I created the term “Yoga Living” defining it as “embracing the essence of the yoga lifestyle in all areas of life.”This new positioning represents a critical, but noncompetitive link in the retail value chain, making BOA both desirable and indispensable to its audiences.



I believe in empowering people to tell their story and build their brand online and offline.

My webinars + workshops are an extension of this belief, providing an inside look at how my program works. You get 1:1 support and connected to my community of creative entrepreneurs. I will help you see your business from a new perspective give you important insight. Whether or not you decide to join the program, these webinars are about giving you the confidence to approach challenges with confidence and optimism.