Hi! I’m Emily Anderson

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Free Consultation Call: See If My Coaching Program Is Right For You

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Free Consultation Call: See If My Coaching Program Is Right For You


What You’ll Learn

  1. Define who is your ideal client

  2. Create a scalable pricing strategy

  3. Position your brand for future growth

  4. Implement internal systems to facilitate day-to-day success

  5. Determine which processes should be automated

  6. Build a sales and lead generating program

  7. Create a customer success strategy

  8. Build your email list

I will also teach you how to…

Master the Fundamentals Of Digital Media, Explore Tech Innovation

My program weaves together bleeding edge and cross-vertical digital and technology solutions, real-time consumer insights, and usability best practices

Everything I teach you is applicable to you the interior design profession

Learn To Think like a Technologist

Technology is taking over because the process of bringing digital concepts to market is lightening fast. This is due to the new way of thinking the tech industry has introduced to the world. Agile production is applicable to all industries, and I teach my clients how to think and act in a way that will propel their business forward

How To Build Your Own Tech Products

Learn how to create your own innovative products, now and in the future. Understand the process and the basic elements of mobile apps, web sites, VR, and AI enhanced technology.