Emily Anderson

6-Week Brand Mentorship with Emily Anderson


Join Emily Anderson’s hands-on brand mentorship program, learn the proven 6-Step Marketing System she developed as a branding strategist for Martha Stewart, P&G, ebay and more…



HOW to use your brand story to stand out and use it as an automatic client-getting sales tool.

1. CREATE Your unique brand story

2. BUILD Your custom online course people will love.

3. ENGAGE With your customer and know them better than anyone else.

4. LEVERAGE Your brand to secure strategic opportunities to grow revenue.

5. INCREASE Your high-paying projects eliminate time wasting programs.

6. DEVELOP A marketing and fulfillment system that pays for itself.


Former Marketing Director for Martha Stewart, leaving my corporate career more than 10 years ago completely changed my life. I taught myself how to build a website, created a brand platform, got my first book deal, and never looked back.

By cultivating a habit of learning everything I could about the consumer, and I embracing technology very early, I built a solo career path that has taken me from high-paying engagements with Fortune 50 companies, strategic partnerships, to author, UX Designer, and Brand Boss.

Now I’ve created an online class to teach other solo entrepreneurs how to package and position their expertise and become their own Brand Boss.


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