As a former brand director, I share more than a decade of marketing experience with my clients. Need some good copy? I got you. Need a better website? You bet. Help with social media? Absolutely.



I create seamless content programs across multiple platforms for meaningful and measurable results. I’ve written books for Donna Karan, launched web sites for Martha Stewart, and executed multi-platform content programs for Volkswagen. Let’s get your story straight and get you more qualified leads—today.



I help my clients listen, respond, and anticipate the needs of their audience so they can deliver inspiring experiences across the consumer landscape. I also help them spend their time more wisely, stop listening to bad advise, and start getting a return on their investment for all of their marketing efforts.



I’ve worked for some of the world's most iconic brands and I share my passion for branding with my clients and empower them succeed in the digital world. I helped ABC, CBS, and NBC design and launch their first web sites. I taught the Army how to use their digital program to reach their audience. I built my first website in 2003, launched the first green wedding blog in 2006, and produced a content program with a book, website, apps, and events for a billion dollar healthcare company. Let me help you get digital and set yourself up for growth in the constantly evolving marketplace.