You’re ready for reliable, higher profits and exponential growth – without working 24/7.

You’re ready to get out of reaction mode and focus on doing, teaching, sharing and delivering.

You’re ready to get out of working client-to-client and have a clear plan for the big picture.

You’re ready to create an authentic, honest approach to attracting your ideal clients and customers.

Get ready to watch your monthly income accelerate and to grow your influence beyond what you can even imagine. When you have the right system in place your dreams can be as big as you want them to be.

Brilliant Brand Kit is for small business owners who want a simple, manageable way to get more clients online, find the right audience, and make a predictable monthly income.

I teach you How To Use Strategic Storytelling To Cultivate Your Brand Platform.

You have content, you have social media, a website. But, you don’t have a cohesive marketing strategy. For more than a decade, I’ve been a trusted advisor and source of reliable information for thousands of people and brands.

I help people dig in and redesign key aspects of their business in weeks.

It’s a no-hype, hands on program, packed with personal support from me, and 100% tailored to your goals and your life.

Sometimes we think we should know all the things sooooo—we don’t ask for help when we should…

Learning how to write sales pages, web site copy, social media posts…

…figuring out how to get that first high paying client…

…doing client research the right way…

…creating systems and processes that help you be more effective…

…choosing the right online tools and platforms for content management, client work, marketing…

When you work with me you will build a revenue program totally customized to your specific goals, create content that resonates with your audience, and implement an marketing strategy that gets you results and unlocks new opportunities.

I’ve helped hundreds of interior designers, freelance writers, consultants, wedding planners, content creators, photographers, yoga teachers, life coaches other online and service-based businesses already. When you work with me, you’ll get out reaction mode and back to being the best version of yourself. I created Brilliant Brand Kit as a way to teach people like you how to build a profitable business.



  • Create a signature product that you can sell

  • Adopt a systemized approach to content creation

  • Implement the same automated systems create predictable monthly income

  • Learn how Emily leveraged her brand story to build two profitable businesses in the last 10 years including—multiple books, number one blogs, brand partnerships, international press coverage.

  • Build your own community of fans by using Emily’s winning formula, experience firsthand how to use empathy, truth, and shared interests to manage your own online community.

  • Get access to Emily’s complete archives of Case Studies from businesses like Martha Stewart, Vanity Fair Magazine, ebay, Etsy, Estee Lauder, ebay, Etsy, Estee Lauder and more.