1,200.00 2,500.00

In this 6 week consulting engagement, I help you create a revenue generating product or service that will sell itself and deliver passive income. Simple, future proof, and scalable, this plan will be yours to use on any future product launches.

Program Components:

- 1 hr Private Coaching (1x Week)

- Professional Web Audit

- Comprehensive Content Audit

- Persona Building

- Custom Research

- Strategic Plan

- Creative Strategy

- Content Strategy

- Implementation Path Based on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Program Timeline:

Web and Content Audit by Emily (Week One)

Identify Ideal Customer (Week Two)

Perfecting Your Offer/Product/Pricing (Week Three)

Create Implementation Plan (Week Four)

Produce Offer Components—Visuals, Collateral, Landing Page etc. (Week Five)

Launch (Week Six)

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