Day 19: Add Live Chat Software

When customers visit your website, they likely have questions. They want to find answers with as little effort as possible. Most companies have detailed knowledge centers, extensive FAQs, and customer support phone numbers.

Image source: LiveChatInc

The thing is, you have to consider what your website visitors are doing when they come to your website:

  • They’re at work, tackling multiple projects at once

  • They’re at home, watching TV (and don’t want to hop on the phone)

  • They’re exhausted from a long day at work and don’t want to spend hours reading through knowledge centers or FAQs

By installing live chat on your website, you’ll empower users with on-demand information. Live chat also lets you keep scripts of conversations for your customer support teams (and company leadership) to analyze.

Staffing Live Chat Software

The concept of live chat may seem overwhelming, initially. How can a sole proprietor possibly manage incoming query requests? Businesses need to make sure they’re operating as cost effectively as possible — it doesn’t make sense to pay a sales director a six-figure salary to sit around fielding live chats all day.

Here are a couple of options:

  • Hire an intern: Live chat is a great way to teach a young, hungry, ambitious professional the nuts and bolts of customer support.

  • Rotate the responsibility between entry level team members so that you’re optimizing your resources.

  • Outsource the responsibilities to live chat agents.

  • Make live chat a part of your existing customer support team’s responsibilities (if your organization is large enough to afford a support team).

  • Park your live chat after-hours. Nobody expects your business to be fielding requests after hours. Let your customers leave messages, but let them know when you’ll be back the next day — give a specific time if possible.

The point is that solutions are available for organizations of all sizes. Don’t shy away from live chat just because you’re running a small business.

Choosing Live Chat Software

Don’t design anything custom. There is software out there to get live chat up and running with minimal effort.

As with any software or platform, choose what best complements your business’s strategic goals. Here are some of the best options on the market:

  1. LiveChat Inc

    This LiveChat platform allows you to administer a pre-chat survey and view what page the respondent is browsing at any given moment. These features will help you know your customers and what they’re doing.

    Image source: LiveChatInc

  2. LivePerson

    This live solution was one of the first available online. The software integrates with Salesforce and Facebook and comes with a suite of analytics tools for administrators and operators to access.

  3. BoldChat

    This platform features several tiers of live chat software, depending on what your business needs. Administrators can distribute chains based on operator availability and expertise so that customers won’t be passed through chains of agents.

Today’s Homework

  1. Choose a LiveChat software provider.

  2. Start the process of getting the software up and running on your website. Realistically, the process may take several days (or weeks), especially if you need to put together a live chat script for your agents to follow.

Don’t rush the process. Your live chat agents are likely to be the first line of communication between your brand and your customers. Make sure that this process is set up to drive conversions and to move your customers through the conversion funnel.

In addition to introducing prospects to your product (and answering questions), live chat agents need to be trained to find answers to important support requests.

Emily Anderson