3 Things You Must Have Before You Can Find Your Brand Voice

Whether you’re building a brand from scratch or DOING A REBRAND, your visual identity is only part of the process.

Before you even get into the visual elements, you need to know who you are and how you communicate.

Specifically-what is your brand voice.

Brand Voice is kind of like the personality of your company.

It’s as much about a feeling as it is about actual language.

Of course words are the best way to express your personality, and as we know it isn’t just what you say but how you say it that matters.

Your brand voice is critical for two reasons—first, it will influence people’s first impression of you and can be the difference between love, hate, or something in-between. We’re only interested in love—everything else is a miss.

The second reason nailing your brand voice matters is if you ever have any hopes of scaling your business and letting go of certain tasks—the brand voice is a guide post for anyone else working in your business. Consistency is key when creating a brand with long-term value, and brand voice plays a critical role in maintaining consistency.

Of course, identifying your brand voice isn’t easy.

It takes a lot of thought and process to get a real understanding of what your brand voice is—and what it isn’t.

Most solo entrepreneurs do not take the time to really hone their brand voice, and it shows. Also, the older you are the better you probably are at getting your brand voice right.

The reason for this is — brand voice requires an intimate understanding of who you are. (I know this because I’ve gone through the process many times.) Luckily, in that time I’ve identified a few useful questions that will make it easier to find your brand voice.

But first…

3 Things You Must Have Before You Can Find Your Brand Voice

Many businesses start with the visual elements of the brand before they take time to really think about the overall picture and the long term strategy of their business.

Brand Voice isn’t something you should chose lightly, and it won’t happen overnight. It’s a process, and out together a list of 3 essential items you need to have in place before you can begin the process.

1) Your brand heart: This is the core of who you are. Your brand voice is simply how you articulate it. express it. Your brand heart is an articulation of your core beliefs, specifically your:

  • Purpose: Why does your business exist?

  • Goals: What do you want for the future?

  • Mission: How do you want to make an impact?

  • Values: What are your core beliefs?

2) Who: Creating a profile of who you want to serve is mission critical. But most businesses neglect to do this. Creating an actual detailed persona(s) gives you the information you need to craft a brand voice that you know will appeal to them.

If you don’t have personas created, use my free template

3) Competitive Landscape: You need to know what other people are saying, and how you can differentiate yourself. I specialize in finding a way to do what someone else is doing, only better. You do not want to sound the same as your competition.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to doing a competitive analysis

Emily Anderson