Emily Anderson

Hey, Emily here.

I’m an Author, Speaker, Brand Builder, Strategic Storyteller

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As a bestselling author and speaker for the past 10 years, I’ve built a reputation as an advocate for the idea that brands + people can drive positive change. I’ve cultivated a community of thousands of passionate, style-driven, conscious consumers, industry leaders, and changemakers.

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I Believe People + Brands Can Change The World

But in order for this to happen, we all need to rethink how our consumer choices impact the environment, people, and our own lives.


In 2007, I left my Marketing job working for Martha Stewart.

I had a story to share. I wrote a book and started a blog, and created a community of thousands of consumers who wanted to make better buying decisions when it came to their wedding, their home, and their lives.

My Story

For most of my adult life I’ve loved three things equally—words, coffee, and being a conscious consumer. More than a decade ago I discovered the connection between the last two.

A a recent college graduate I decided to move to Costa Rica. I got a job working for a fair trade start-up. It was my first experience working for a social enterprise—a coffee business—and I was forever changed. Before this, I had zero interest in business. On the contrary, I was an English major and had the intention of going into social work. In fact, this was why I was in Costa Rica—to learn Spanish, so that I would be able to work with people in need back in the US. But I realized how powerful a profitable enterprise can be in the world. It took me a few years after that to acquire the skills and influence.

About 10 years ago I left my marketing job at Martha Stewart to build create business that combines my two greatest passions—good design and social good.

The #1 question people always ask me is: What’s Good? 

What’s good in style? What’s good in business? What’s good in interior design? What’s good in marketing? What’s good in technology?

Can brands really, truly be a force for good in the world?

The answer is—sort of.

Because being “good” when it comes to impact is debatable. Plastic is bad, but it’s also good. What’s better, organic or local? See what I mean? Everyone’s interpretation is different.

But, truth is truth, and every brand would be smart to make a concerted effort to be honest and authentic when it comes to their messaging and marketing.





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After four books, international press coverage, speaking engagements and Fortune 500 clients…

…I frequently get asked for advice from other creative entrepreneurs. They all want to know the same thing—how can I create a brand platform, use social media effectively, and get more ideal clients and customers. I created my 4 week program, Brilliant Brand Kit, to show other people how easy it is to simplify your online strategy, implement the right systems, and doing what you started your business to do in the first place.

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