Einstein Healthcare

This billion dollar a year non-profit, regional healthcare system wanted to create a brand narrative that encompassed 165 years of social impact work and contribution to the field of medicine. I produced a comprehensive evergreen content strategy that could be shared across all of their media platforms, and serve multiple audiences including stakeholders, shareholders, and the community Einstein has served for so long.


BOA Style

Sustainable Fashion company hired me to rebrand their fair trade, Moroccan-based ecommerce business. I conducted a content audit, site audit, market research, and customer research. Deliverables included a comprehensive brand story with evergreen content, and seasonal copy that could be used for everything from promotions, to blog posts, to hang tags and advertising.


Hearst Publishing

Hearst hired me to create a book and digital content platform for their magazine Popular Mechanics. I repurposed content from the web, print, tv, into a book for them, When Changing A Lightbulb Just Isn’t Enough. Available for purchase here.


Estee Lauder

The beauty giant underwent a rebranding for one of their core brands, Origins Natural Resources. I was tasked with helping the company create brand faithful copy and a content strategy that would give them more leverage in the growing eco-friendly marketplace. As more consumers seek healthy alternatives, Estee Lauder wanted to make sure their brand was positioned strongly enough to capture market share and remain top-of-mind in the evolving landscape.



As Integrated Marketing Director I was responsible for bringing the Martha Stewart brand to life across print, digital, experiential, radio, television, books, products, and sponsorships. I produced 100’s of consumer events, launched dozens of new products, and ensured the content strategy was always on brand, relevant, scalable, and revenue focussed. See more here.



L’OREAL hired me to create a content package for them to serve as an educational program for their professional brands. I produced a multi-page magazine with product reviews, trend stories, and user generated content. The final product was a print magazine, digital magazine, and an email campaign.