Stop paying for marketing experts who know nothing about your industry

My digital marketing program delivers strong results because I leverage my expertise in the home industry to implement strategies uniquely suited to your offerings. I don’t waste your time and budget because I don’t have to learn an unfamiliar industry. My full-service consulting program includes building and refining your brand, perfecting your web design, implementing an efficient social media program, using SEO strategy that cultivates the right audience, all of which builds efficiencies into your core business and allows you to create brand new revenue streams through scalable digital programs and services.

Marketing to your audience

The challenge of most marketing campaigns is understanding the mentality of buyers in a given industry. When an agency is busy working across industries they end up putting the emphasis on their digital expertise rather than what really matters which is understand your market--the home and design industry--which is completely unique and requires a specific set of skills that I have. Rather than working with people who don't understand your business challenges, your customer, hire someone who has been in the home and design industry for twenty years, marketing and building marketing campaigns, launching products, and connecting with your audience. I've developed a very specific set of best practices for your business and can  guide your brand’s marketing campaigns with unrivaled efficiency and effectiveness.

I use a very simple formula to identify, reach, and convert your audience.

Step 1
Your first step is to book a free 1/2 hour strategy session with me. I only have capacity to work with a few private clients at a time because I deliver highly-focussed and dedicated service for each client I take on. This is because each client is given a completely-customized version of my digital marketing program to accelerate growth immediately.
Step 2.

We decide it's a match and that you are in a position to access the transformational tools and techniques I've created specifically for Interior Designers just like you. This is when I tell you exactly what you need to do step by step to realize immediate results that connects you with motivated buyers.

Step 3.

You get hands-on training from me personally, communicated clearly, and easily implemented in a very short amount of time. I will give you take aways that you can use to replicate the process, automate your demand generation, and free up your time to do what you love most--design.

You'll have access to high-level brand expertise.

My one to one marketing program lets me focus on each client and provide dedicated service that I know will help you meet your revenue goals in a very short amount of time. It's not complicated, it's actually a very easy program, if you're willing to trust the process. I'm offering to share everything that I've learned from working for design driven enterprises and consumer businesses that are category leaders and brand icons.


I am obsessed with delivering stellar results and consistently operate at an extremely high-level.  To succeed, I've learned to make the process as lean as possible so that every dollar spent has a direct impact. Digital marketing isn't difficult, but it is an acquired skill set that can seem complicated when you're talking to the wrong people. My proven project management process ensures that all marketing activities are covered at the right time in the proper manner, free of any delays or forgetfulness. In digital marketing, it's essential that the each layer of the campaign comes together seamlessly to ensure that your investment yields the best possible results.

Donna Karan & Martha Stewart taught me that maintaining brand integrity is the most important objective to any marketing program.

Martha Stewart, Marketing Director

With Martha Stewart, I learned that the best way to build consistency into your brand is to only do things that you truly love. I also learned the transformative power of surrounding yourself with people who are in constant pursuit of excellence.

Donna Karan, Brand Manager

Working for Donna Karan gave me insight into how to create a brand and marketing strategy that reinforces the creative force behind the business. And the only surefire way to measure marketing success is when the engagement results in sales.

Author + Sustainable Living Expert

I'm not just an interior design industry insider, but I've also been in your shoes--my book launched a career for me as a sustainable living expert, and I built my social and digital skills working for myself. I operate on a lean business philosophy because I want to make sure that every dollar you spend builds your business and drives revenue.