Get ready to take control of your passion + purpose.

Are you ready to create a content strategy that actually grows your business?


Facebook Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs.


Using research, data, and case studies I created this simple guide for design driven businesses. I teach you exactly how I personally use Facebook to grow my business and reach my ideal customer.

Also included are real world examples of successful brands that are harnessing the power of digital media and leveraging their content to accelerate their revenue growth and increase their influence.


Hi, I’m Emily Anderson

Author and Speaker I help people design a life that reflects and reinforces their personal values.

I’m the author of multiple books, mother of three young children, writer, designer, and I run my own creative agency.


I help creative entrepreneurs create profitable businesses

I specialize in building brand platforms that accelerate revenue so that you can build a sustainable business.

Over 20 years of experience, I’ve created content-driven customer experiences for some of the world’s most iconic brands.


Get ready to go move from thinking about your projects to making them happen.


I did it, so can you.

I know that it is possible to create a life of balance, passion, and purpose. I help other creative people implement a real strategy to get them out of their rut and back in control in their lives and businesses.

I have private coaching clients and a signature group coaching program.


Build your dreams and make money doing what you love.

You’re a creative with a business. You’re ambitious. You’ve got big plans. You dream of building a platform for yourself that showcases your work. Of finding clients and customers who can’t stop raving about your talent. Can’t live without your special something (and pay you well)

You yearn to live a life where your supreme creativity is only matched by the revenue it creates.

Whatever you specialize in it is the fuel that lights your fire.

You just have one thing standing in your way, and it’s totally fixable.

It’s called getting started.

You can’t finish if you don’t get started.

And it’s up to you to make it happen. completely within your power.